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Ten Factors You Must Consider When Choosing an HEVC Encoder

Date: Wednesday, April 9
9:30 am - 10:00 am

Part of: Ultra High Definition Television

Location: S228

Education Program:
Broadcast Engineering Conference

HEVC has ignited the imaginations of the broadcast industry. The promise of double compression efficiency is compelling when skyrocketing online video consumption is choking networks, overflowing video servers and making reliable QoE a distant mirage – even as ever more fickle consumers demand TV anywhere, anytime and in the highest possible resolution. However, adopting new compression technology is disruptive, challenging, and reliant on a strong end-to-end pipeline of components from compression to distribution to rendering. Having just settled format wars and converged around AVC, service providers are wary of another dimension of codec and format fragmentation. This paper examines various potential use cases for HEVC in the context of likely timeframe of deployment. For immediate applications such as HD+ OTT video delivery, we provide a framework of 10 questions vendors can use to judiciously plan pilots and deployments with an eye toward long-term scalability and ROI. Savvy vendor selection is critical in this area where hype and confusion abound, and where strategic decision making is often lost in short-term enthusiasm for a perceived bandwagon. This paper provides an objective, reliable decision framework for broadcasters and service providers seeking to migrate their infrastructure and services toward the 2020 era.

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Avni Rambhia

Avni Rambhia , Industry Manager
Frost & Sullivan
BEC Session Chair

Benoit Fouchard

Benoit Fouchard , Chief Strategy Officer