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Akamai Technologies

Akamai Technologies

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  • Contact Name: John Agger
  • Contact Title: Sr. Marketing Manager - Media and Entertainment
  • 799 Market Street
  • Suite 600
  • San Francisco, CA 94103
  • United States
  • P: (617) 444-3000
  • F: (617) 444-3001
  • www.akamai.com/media
About Us

Akamai is fiercely committed to helping its customers engage audiences of any size with superior-quality live and on-demand video, and solve the challenges of multi-device consumption.

In delivering some the world’s leading online entertainment services, most important media events, highest profile sporting championships, major awards ceremonies and global product launches, Akamai is constantly striving to help its customers reach viewers on a global scale with a relentless dedication to quality, simplicity and scale across networks and devices. That dedication is reflected in Akamai’s customers, which include the top 30 media & entertainment companies, more than 150 of the world’s leading news portals, nine of the top 10 largest newspapers, eight of the top 10 online publishers and nine of the top 10 social media sites. The company is an integral part of daily Internet life, delivering up to 30% of all Web traffic and more than 2 trillion transactions.

Exhibitor Categories (10)
  1. Connected Media World > Authentication
  2. Connected Media World > Second-screen Solutions
  3. Content Market > Interative and Cross-platform: TV/Web/Mobile
  4. Distribution & Delivery > Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  5. Distribution & Delivery > Mobile Video Distribution Technologies
  6. Distribution & Delivery > Online Video Platforms
  7. Management & Systems > Cloud Computing Solutions
  8. Management & Systems > Digital Rights Management/Content Protection
  9. Online Video > Online Video
  10. Post-Production > Format Conversion
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